We've Moved - Well, the Blog has!

Posted by Sarah on 8th Apr 2016

Hey there everyone!Just a quick update - the Queen's Pantry Blog has moved! Our new place can be found for stopping by! See you soon!Stay Cozy!Sarah … read more

{Celebrate!} Hibiscus-Berry Punch

Posted by Sarah on 31st Dec 2015

Happy New Year! One of the things I love the most about the holiday season is the many excuses to make things just a little extra special, a little extra fancy. A dear friend of mine goes above a … read more

How to Throw a Tea Party, Part One

Posted by Sarah on 19th Dec 2015

So you want to throw a tea party?Fabulous! I love tea parties. Whether it is a simple cup of tea and good conversation or a full-blown afternoon tea, sharing tea is one of my favorite ways to get to k … read more

Churchill's Toddy Shortbread Recipe

Posted by Sarah on 11th Dec 2015

Hey there!Remember our friend Rachel over at Lipstick and Gellato? She's back with her second, specially developed recipe! Rachel created this recipe, a stout twist on a classic favorite. Sh … read more

{Celebrate!} Tea Concentrate and It's Many Uses

Posted by Sarah on 9th Dec 2015

Hey there!One of the staples in the Queen's Pantry kitchen is tea concentrate. We use it all the time - from hosting large parties or running events to making ice cream. Knowing how to make tea concen … read more